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Michael Putt February 16, 2024
"Rod is clearly very passionate about helping those in need of instruction (me) to understand the reasons why we don’t hit the ball as well as we would like. His method is based on proper mechanics of body movement and balance. His use of the Flightscope simulator is very informative and fun. You will walk away with an understanding of how to correct your deficiencies and improve your game. I would recommend Rod to golfers of all ages and abilities who need help getting to the next level of their game."
Jim Chrysikos August 3, 2023
"Rod knows more about golf than anyone and more importantly can transfer that knowledge in a way that’s truly constructive. He not only teaches you how but he also teaches you why! I highly recommend him not only as a teacher/coach but also as club repair person. He is a true craftsman! Lastly, Rod happens to be a gentleman!"
Bill Sanford November 15, 2022
"Rod is fantastic in all regards. He's a great instructor who is highly approachable and passionate, and he helped me develop a simple, repeatable, well balanced swing. He also built me a set that was well fit, of high quality, and affordable, and he did so quite quickly. I can't recommend him highly enough!"
Skippy October 18, 2022
"My guy Rod is absolutely amazing! His advice was on point. He was extremely helpful and patient with us being new to golf. He went out of his way to make jokes with us and knows so much about the game. Go check out his place! He has so much gear ranging from clubs to gloves, balls & golf tees."
Paul Crowley August 6, 2021
"Rod is knowledgeable and helpful. The simulators are fun!"
Alan M May 12, 2021
"Great guy very knowledgeable."